Our services are used for industrial automation and testing technology. We are a significant supplier of single-purpose machines, control systems and measuring testing systems for the automotive industry.

Control of technological operations and processes

We implement control systems for many customers from various industries such as e.g. sewage treatment plants, paper production, rapeseed oil mills, technologies for surface treatment of products. We design and implement control systems not only for production nodes but also for single-purpose machines and assembly machines. In this area we cooperate with manufacturers of machines and technologies in both developing new devices and converting or refurbishing older machines. We perform complex automation control systems of technological processes also with a connection to company’s information systems. Our modern control systems represent a significant economic benefit especially in automotive, pencil production and packaging technology.

Control systems for the food, chemical and medical industry

We implement orders according to specific requirements in the food and chemical industry. This includes design and delivery of special equipment for dosing of chemicals, mixing equipment for preparing solutions and emulsions, automatic systems for weighing of liquid and loose materials, precise dosing of chemicals, level measurement in tanks, balance measuring of flow rate or control of temperature regime. We also build devices intended for operations in explosive environment. Our important order from this field is the extensive automation control system of technological processes for the production of rapeseed methyl ester.

Deliveries of production and assembly machines

This area represents complex deliveries of machines and assembly machines, including electrical equipment and a control system. We have a high-quality design capacity in the machine structure. We arrange production of components for the final assembly with proven cooperating companies. We deliver complete lines especially for the automotive industry.

Measuring and regulation in the power engineering industry

Since 1991 we have been implementing control systems in the power engineering industry. As an authorized Honeywell distributor we have implemented many orders in the field of measuring and regulation of heat exchanging stations, gas boiler rooms, air-conditioning and also small domestic regulations. Based on our experiences gained in the past we also implement orders in the area of control of technological processes, testing technology, advisory and consultancy services. Our devices and control systems are used in operations of power engineering facilities in České Budějovice, Tábor and at our customers in wood processing and the automotive industry.

Designs of specialized drives

Many of our solutions include design and implementation of special drives where it is often necessary to meet non-standard requirements for the drive’s quality and characteristics. In our solutions we often apply stepper motors, servo motors and linear motors, especially in the automotive industry, besides standard drives. The solution includes design, construction, production, software development, installation and commissioning.

Testing equipment and measuring systems

We manufacture and deliver equipment for products testing. This is testing equipment of assembly lines and production lines for the in-process or final inspection. We focus on measuring systems for development centres. In this area our key products are complete testing devices consisting of a control and measuring system and a technological part. Features of these devices cover the needs of long-term and short-term functional tests of products. The concept of our solution enables the performance of the testing process in automated mode with maximum exclusion of the operator’s impact, measuring of physical values, data collection, data processing and evaluation, visualisation of the entire process and possible implementation of the system into the parent computer network with a possibility of remote monitoring, presentation and export of measured data. Software equipment has the top quality and it is valued far abroad as well.

We also focus on testing equipment designed for operation with flammable and explosive substances intended to be used in a potentially explosive atmosphere. With our technology we equip important testing and development centres in EU countries.

Development of measuring instruments

We develop customized single-purpose instruments for measuring, testing and setting of products. The instruments are designed for use in testing laboratories or in production where fast and easy operation is required. These instruments are used e.g. in the automotive industry for the in-process inspection of production or in the electrical industry during a control of assembled printed circuit boards.